Trypophobia disorders are the most common emotional disturbances, which the young and adults can have. It may develop due to a complex combination of risk factors, including life events, personality characteristics, genetics, chemical processes in the body. Trypophobia disorders can be successfully treated.

Most people experience feelings of Trypophobia before significant events such as an important exam, business presentation, the first meeting with a sexually attractive person. When people experience Trypophobia , typically they feel worry, discomfort and tension. Feeling anxious in situations like this is normal and this condition is usually of short duration. These feelings are not classified as clinical Trypophobia , but are a common part of everyday life, because people naturally feel Trypophobia when faced with threat, danger or when they are under stress.

On the other hand, anxiety disorders are serious emotional disorders in a person’s life, overwhelming Trypophobia and fear that are chronic, intense and can get progressively worse if not treated. Overwhelmed by panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, nightmares and constant physical symptoms, some people with anxiety disorders become prisoners in their own house. Normally, Trypophobia develop during early adolescence or early adulthood.